Independent Flatcoated Retriever Rehoming


 "No-one has a kinder braver heart than a flatcoat anywhere".
Formed in 1999 the IFRR is a group of Flatcoat devotees who with the aid of it's many volunteers and contacts offers assistance to any Flatcoat or Flatcoat cross in need of help or rehoming.
How we help.
With the help of our network of volunteers we are able to manage most situations where a Flatcoat may need assistance.  In the case of rehoming each dog is assessed to enable us to match it with the most suitable home on our waiting list.  All prospective new homes are vetted and each situation treated individually.
Where possible we will work with the parting owner and the new owner to enable us to rehome 'home to home'. There are occasions when our dogs need to be fostered until the right home is found for them, we try to carry out each rehoming with as little stress to the dogs as possible.
How you can help.
We are funded solely by donations and various fundraising events, we also have a quarterly magazine which is packed with interesting features about Flatcoats and the stories of the dogs that have been rehomed.  


To subscribe to the the magazine email: 
Enquiries in association with our work are always welcome and we are always happy for new volunteers to join our team.  If you think you can help with fostering, transport,home-checking or in any other way we would love to hear from you.
If you are considering re-homing your dog our information sheet could be of help Click Here  
We can be contacted on the following
                       The Midlands / Coventry Areas
                  North of  the Midlands  
                       Please contact our Northern Area Co-ordinator      
                      Evelyn Lee 
                       Tel: 01772 614715                                              
                     Areas South of The Midlands
                    Please contact our Southern Area Co-ordinator  
                    Mary Haines
                    Tel: 01666 837087 
Adoption ApplicationForm Click here
Please email the application form to the Co-ordinator relevant to the area in which you live.
   Meet The Boys
Two boys who are very special  to IFRR are Murphy & Guiness. They needed help because their owner sadly was too ill to look after them. 
They had been together all their lives so couldn't be split up. To find a permanent, knowledgeable home for two delinquent oap's would not be the easiest  task, it was therefore decided they should stay in the care of the IFRR. 
Our beautiful boys, we feel very priviledged to have known you and miss you each day.
To know them was to love them.
 Murphy 04/2/97 -  28/8/2009    &   Guinness 03/1/96  -  02/2/2010
"Sleep soft dear friends for while I live you shall not die"
Tribute to Murphy and Guinness - click on the link  


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