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Our dogs are health screened in accordance with the Kennel Club - British Veterinary Association Health Schemes. 
 We are members of both the Flatcoated Retriever Society and the Northern England Flatcoated Retriever Association, our breeding practices conform with their code of ethics. 
We breed for type and most importantly temperament.
All our litters are born and reared in our home, the puppies are well handled from the day they are born.
Because they are reared in the house they are accustomed  to everyday noises and the comings and goings of a busy household, early socialising equips them with the coping strategies and confidence they will need for the time they leave the security of mum and the litter to go out into the big wide world. 
Puppies are registered with the Kennel Club, they follow a worming programme, are vet checked and go to their new homes at around 7 - 8 weeks. 

Puppies leave us with a full puppy pack and 6 weeks insurance; all new owners are given information sheets on feeding, worming and vaccinations, future socialising and training. We are always available for help and advice should it be needed and offer a lifetimes support to owners of the puppies we place.  

Our puppies are reared with love and care; they are given every attention to ensure that they have the best possible start in life.  They will be placed in homes where we feel they will be allowed to develop into well rounded adults, be it as companion, working or show dogs. 
 It goes without saying that all prospective new owners are very carefully vetted before we would consider placing a puppy.


Future Litters 
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to be considered for a puppy from a future litter, we are always happy to talk about our dogs and offer advise to prospective new owners. 


Newcomers to the Breed
If you are a newcomer to the breed may we respectfully suggest that you do your research carefully before  committing to the purchase of a flatcoat puppy.   Having owned labs and goldens I can confidently state that flatcoats are completely different to other retriever breeds and are not necessarily a breed suitable for everyone. 
The beautiful dogs that can be seen behaving impeccably in the show ring or excelling at their given activity are generally owned by individuals who have devoted hour upon hour to their dogs in order to achieve what can be made to look so easy.

Although the Flatcoat is a charming dog to live with and can be trained to excel in a wide variety of activities their natural enthusiasm and exuberance can lead them to be headstrong.  A bright dog, his intelligence can get him into trouble if not channelled in the right direction. Quick to catch on, his formal training should be kept brief, cheerful and enthusiastic if he is not just a quickly to become bored.  

Flatcoats absolutely require and appreciate close interaction with members of his family and do not readily cope well with long periods of isolation or with living outdoors.  
In these respects the Flatcoat is a high maintenance dog.



    Dam:  Walnutfarm Londrina of Innisbeck  (Tammy)   
 Sire: Lakemere Moonlight Shadow (Kestrel)
Born 31st August 2009  
 A Beautufull Litter of 6 Black Boys & 3 Black Girls 


Tammy and New Babies pyppy20092


Six weeks old                                                                                                 


Dame: Innisbeck Lady of the Lake - Truly             
Sire : Almanza Roundabout - Robin
Born 08th November 2009
2 Black boys and 3 Black girls 
Trulys first litter
Previous litters
Dam: Walnut Farm Londrina of Innisbeck  (Tammy )
     Sire:   Canalhouse Game Seeker  to  Keepersway  (Tailor )     
Date of Birth   7th  June 2006
    Dam:Aughnaleck Flash over Innisbeck  (Ash ) 
Sire:Canalhouse Night Owl of Innisbeck  (Finley)
   Date of Birth  17th August  2007 

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