The Innisbeck Kennel was established because of our great love of Flatcoats.
We are a small  family kennel situated in a rural  part of Lancashire on the outskirts of a small village called Longton. 
Our dogs are all very special to us, we enjoy showing and working them but they are first and foremost our pets and live as part of our family, it probably could be said that our lives revolve around them.
As Northern Co-ordinators for the Independent Flatcoated Retriever Rehoming we are also very much involved with rescue and rehoming.
We are members of the Flatcoated Retriever Society and the Northern England Flatcoated Retriever Association. 
 Description of the Breed
The Flatccoat is an active versatile dog and a responsive family companion who adapts well to most environments and situations.  He is a happy good natured dog who will keep his youthful outlook on life well into old age. A typical Flatcoat loves carrying something (anything) in his mouth and expects to be admired when he is.  

Slow to mature (3 years or more), early puppy play training is a must with good manners being insisted upon. Bad habits should be prevented through a combination of personal supervision combined with adequate exercise and attention to his mental stimulation.



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